fun stars by Converse (Apr, 1967)

I could be wrong, but I’m guessing Converse shoes are not made in America anymore.

Although Converse isn’t on the list (New Balance is), you can check here and here to see what’s still manufactured in America (not just Fritos)

fun stars by Converse

Great way to start summer

Here’s miles of fun for the whole family…star quality shoes that are durable, abusable, washable, good-looking. By Converse … famous for their big-league canvas shoes for athletes.

Made by Americans to American Standards

Fun Stars for the whole family, made by
Converse Rubber Company, Maiden, Massachusetts 02148


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  1. tom says: February 10, 20129:12 am

    r/e “Made in America” You’re probably right; what is made in America anymore? Fritos, ?

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