Futuramic Two-Wheeler (Oct, 1952)

Futuramic Two-Wheeler

YEARS ago, O.R. Courtney of Pontiac, Mich., built a fully-enclosed motorcycle that proved so successful he decided to come up with another. His new version, shown here, is totally enclosed and has a padded leather 2-passenger seat which lifts up to expose the main mechanical innards of the machine below. It is powered with an army surplus 45 cu. in. Indian V-twin air-cooled engine. Wheels are sprung on coil springs with adjustable dampeners, and the gasoline tank is enclosed beneath the cycle’s front wheel hood. The handlebars are set well forward and connected to the front fork steering head by drag-link, thus giving the machine more passenger room and riding comfort.

The 6.00×9 tires and an underslung frame give the machine an extremely low center of gravity, and its weight of 475 lbs. makes it more than 100 lbs. lighter than the average American 2-wheeler of the same capacity.

The top of the seat is only 28 in. from the ground, the wheelbase is 58 in., the over-all length 112 in. Chrome-plated bumpers and side rails protrude far enough from the body of the machine to make handholds for moving it around. The panels on the sides of the rear wheel cover compartments which take the place of the usual saddlebags; a grille on each side of the tapering front end of the machine acts as a wind scoop for the air-cooled engine. —Ivan J. Stretten.

  1. Hirudinea says: August 3, 20126:06 pm

    Reminds me of the Czech scooter seen here…


  2. Toronto says: August 3, 20129:46 pm

    “Box bikes” are in style these days, though not a consumer item yet. More of a “haute couture” thing. See: http://cdn.trendhunters… and lots of other ICE and E-Bike designs with everything enclosed.

    (I love walking down a line of bikes in downtown T.O. and counting “Motoguzzi, Moto, Moto, Harley, Ninja, Ninja, Ninja, Ural, Vespa, Norton, Triumph. That Vespa rider’s got Balls! )

  3. Hirudinea says: August 4, 20124:00 pm

    Hey I ride an ancient Honda Scooter, amazing what you can get through on a 150cc scooter!

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