Future GIs to ride rocket troopship (Jul, 1964)

Future GIs to ride rocket troopship

Troop transport in 45 minutes to a brush-fire war anywhere in the world is proposed by Douglas Aircraft space engineers.

The 80-by-210-foot re-usable rocket shown at right would speed 17,000 m.p.h., carrying 1,200 troops and equipment. Landing upright, it would debark them by portable ramps, jet packs, and rope ladders.

It’s called ICARUS: Intercontinental Aerospace craft—Range Unlimited System.

  1. Roflcopter says: February 1, 20085:40 am

    Who cares that the drop soldiers in a rocket in a conflict… they HAVE rocketeers oO

  2. jmyint says: February 1, 20086:01 am

    If I recall correctly the ICARUS was an actual engineering study. One of the features was an emergency escape capsule for the crew, the passengers however were screwed.

  3. Thundercat says: February 1, 20087:13 am

    I like the fact that this 100,000 pound rocket will be held up by 4 toothpick thin landing legs. That sure looks sturdy.

  4. Myles says: February 1, 200810:06 am

    I read an article quoted at slashdot yesterday about three companies manufacturing jet packs. The packs are still impractical, have no useful function other than looking cool, and the companies are scared to sell them because they are so dangerous.

  5. jayessell says: February 1, 200811:03 am

    I heard that the jet engines used in cruise missiles were designed for jetpacks.
    Flytime: 20 minutes as opposed to 20 seconds.
    I saw the book this was in!
    Show the flying oil tanker!

  6. Emcha says: February 1, 200811:45 am

    “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”


  7. Oliver says: March 30, 20085:02 pm

    ICARUS? I hope none of the soldiers were too hot on their mythology.. Or was the rocket unwisely glued together with wax?

  8. Khitrovitch says: April 25, 200912:02 am

    Hmm sounds a lot like the work they did on SUSTAIN in Project HotEagle


    Two more things:
    JETPACKS . . . I want one

    and Haven’t they ever seen movies and read books ANY mission, ship, project etc called Icarus or some variation upon it fails . . . Epically
    (PS. I Realise this is from before such movies but I’ve read Verne-like books with the same name)

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