Garage folds against side of wall (Oct, 1962)

Garage folds against side of wall

A new awning garage bolts to an outside wall, folds flat when not in use, and pulls down to enclose a car. Its pivoted tubular ribs are spring-balanced for easy raising and lowering. British Carquad is made in seven lengths from 9 to 18 feet, can be attached to an existing garage for a second car or to house a small boat.

  1. Jim Nutt says: July 22, 20119:23 am

    Want! That would be great for my Jeep…

  2. C.H. says: July 23, 201112:39 am

    This reminds me of Mickey’s Trailer……

  3. Sean says: July 23, 20111:54 pm

    That does seem like a good idea. It’d be great for firewood too.

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