Gas Guns to Battle Wild Beasts on Galapagos Expedition (Jul, 1934)

Gas Guns to Battle Wild Beasts on Galapagos Expedition

EQUIPPED with gas guns effective at 150 yards, a scientific expedition in search of new specimens will give battle to the animals abounding on the Galapagos Islands. Located about 500 miles west of Ecuador, these islands have been a magnet for scientists since Charles Darwin first obtained valuable data for his “Origin of Species” from study of its animal inhabitants. Since his visit, evidence has been accumulating tending to prove that the Galapagos archipelago was once connected with Central America. Similarity of fish, birds and land plants bear out this theory.

The new expedition numbering twenty-five members is embarking on a three-year cruise whose purpose is to erect a Darwin memorial and to carry on the great scientist’s work.

  1. fred says: April 30, 20096:34 am

    eww looks like a shlongy gun to me

  2. rick says: April 30, 20099:39 am

    Yeah. Those fierce turtles, finches, iguanas, penguins and seals had better keep out of Wolfgang’s way! He’s ready for anything they can throw at him.


  3. Zuri says: April 30, 20099:47 am

    The Galapagos Islands are the most incredible living museum of evolutionary changes, with a huge variety of exotic species (birds, land animals, plants) and landscapes not seen anywhere else.

  4. StanFlouride says: April 30, 200912:03 pm

    Aren’t the Galapagos where they worship that giant ape that lives behind the wall?

    Oh. sorry that is Skull Island- never mind.

  5. Firebrand38 says: April 30, 20094:59 pm

    Note to Self: Next time we build a wall to keep Kong out, don’t install Kong sized gate.

  6. beagledad says: May 8, 20095:43 pm

    No more snarky comment, please. Has anyone here ever SEEN what an angry finch can do to a man?

  7. Firebrand38 says: June 18, 20096:34 pm

    Actually W.C. Fields once related the story of a man kicked to death by a couple of enraged canary birds. Seems that someone had been feeding them meat……

  8. galapagosonline says: June 2, 20109:03 pm

    Are these the same guns he captured from the space aliens that were making the Nazca Lines in Peru?

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