Gas Mask Designed for Typists (May, 1935)

I, for one, sleep soundly at night knowing that should we be attacked with chemical weapons, our brave typists will still be able to do their duty to their country.

Gas Mask Designed for Typists
ANEW type of gas mask, which slips over the head of an office typist in the event of an air attack, has just been developed in Rome, Italy. The face of the mask is transparent so that the typist can see what she is doing.

  1. Stannous says: May 22, 20068:14 pm

    I’ll bet she’s wearing the 3-spurred pumps from a couple of posts further down…

  2. Boing Boing says: May 28, 200612:32 am

    Typists’ gas-mask from 1935…

    A scan from a 1935 edition of Modern Mechanix documents this “typists’ gas-mask” whose clear face-plate allows typists to continue working while filtering out mustard gas and other airborne toxins. Link (via We Make Money Not Art)……

  3. mitchellm says: May 28, 20067:03 pm

    It may not be as absurd as it seems it typists
    were needed to type documents of strategic

  4. mitchellm says: May 28, 20067:04 pm

    Is the mask available for proofreaders? I meant
    ‘if’ typists were needed…

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