Gas Replaces The Noose (Jun, 1937)

Gas Replaces The Noose
FOLLOWING the lead set by Nevada, Arizona and Colorado in the quick and painless method of executing criminals by gas, Wyoming has installed a lethal gas chamber to replace the noose, a now fast disappearing method of capital punishment. The Wyoming death chamber, manufactured by a Denver, Colorado, firm, is claimed to be the most humane yet devised. Several other states are said to be considering the adoption of gas chambers for legal executions.

  1. mrdweeb says: January 28, 200911:09 pm

    Booth-babes for gas chambers! Let’s check out the electric chair booth!

  2. John M. Hanna says: January 29, 20096:11 pm

    Screw this! I say bring back the guillotine!

  3. jayessell says: January 29, 200910:13 pm

    Screw poison gas!
    My choice would be a mix of carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide and helium.
    (Death with high pitched giggling!)

  4. fizzyg says: January 30, 20092:35 am

    Yeah, 1937…I’m going to guess this one didn’t end up on the ‘humane’ list for too much longer.

  5. Paul says: January 30, 200910:41 pm

    Execution by gas chamber (assuming use of hydrogen cyanide) is far more distressing and traumatic than a correctly performed hanging. Nitrogen is a better alternative since it is fast, painless and the victim is not even aware they are dying. All you really experience is the feeling of being uninhibited, muddled, and you don’t really care what’s happening. It’s like being very drunk.

  6. blueferretdog says: January 31, 20098:58 am

    Am I to assume you have be executed using nitrogen and come back? No one knows what it is like to die, or what a persons last thoughts are, we are all on the outside looking in. Perhaps we could offer a choice, would you like Zyklon-B, and I think nitrogen is supposed to be nitrous oxide, or cyanide?

  7. Mike says: January 31, 200910:26 am

    blueferretdog, if I had a choice I would choose not to die.

  8. blueferretdog says: January 31, 20091:58 pm

    I agree, I wonder if anyone should die, and if there is even a “humane” way to put someone to death(against their will).

  9. Firebrand38 says: February 3, 20095:33 pm

    blueferretdog, actually Zyklon-B was cyanide.

  10. blueferretdog says: February 4, 20098:17 am

    Thanks, I didn’t know that, I thought the Nazis had developed a nerve gas, perhaps it had a different name.

  11. Firebrand38 says: February 4, 20096:01 pm

    Ah, now I see….the Germans developed what we call the G-series of non-persistent nerve agents: tabun, sarin,soman and cyclosarin(respectively GA, GB, GD and GF).

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