Gas Sounds Cable Damage Alarm (Dec, 1930)

Gas Sounds Cable Damage Alarm
THE Pacific Telegraph and Telephone company has recently put into use a method to locate cable troubles which uses gas as the detecting agency. Pressure of escaping gas, which has been pumped into the cable, sounds an alarm which sends a trouble shooter on his way to repair the damage.

  1. /\/\ike says: March 20, 20099:29 am

    I am frequently alarmed by the sound of escaping gas. Oops, there it went again!

  2. jayessell says: March 20, 20093:18 pm

    Pressurizing the cables with an inert gas to keep out moisture?

  3. David Moisan says: March 20, 200911:47 pm

    Yup. Had to have used nitrogen; it doesn’t absorb moisture.

  4. EngineerZ says: March 22, 20099:50 am

    Actually, this method is still in use today. Nitrogen bottles aren’t as common as air compressors now that cables are insulated with polyethylene instead of paper. There’s a whole introduction to the modern incarnation of this technology at… .

  5. mc says: March 22, 200910:05 am

    “Gas sounds cable damage alarm” is a hard-to-understand headline. All five words can be either nouns or verbs!

  6. jayessell says: March 22, 200910:46 am

    You must be great at word puzzles.
    Hissing noise message breaks bell?
    Vapor turbulence wire fault concern?
    Petrol gurgling network offline indicator?

  7. Toronto says: March 22, 20091:03 pm

    There is concern over the after-effects of watching a non-broadcast television program about a harbor named after a fuel.

    Perfectly readable.

  8. fred says: March 24, 20096:51 am

    always happens to me in the tub

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