Gas Under Pressure Operates Lighter (Sep, 1949)

That looks just like a modern butane lighter, but with a MUCH bigger fuel tank.

Gas Under Pressure Operates Lighter
Butane gas under pressure is the fuel used in a new cigarette lighter that yields more than 3000 lights before the tank is empty. A small knob is pushed with the thumb to release the jet of gas before the spark wheel is spun. When the fuel tank is empty, it is replaced with a new unit. The fuel from one tank will burn for three hours. It provides an odor-free flame and a “tasteless” light.

  1. Stannous says: August 9, 200710:50 am

    3,000 lights? yeah, right…

  2. NikFromNYC says: January 12, 20085:37 pm

    I went on an obsessive compulsive “best lighter” hunt a couple years ago. From $8 to $80 (even $800), my simple test was failed by anything I tested except ONE lighter. Would it light when wet and (crucially and one would think, simply enough) stay lit with a good flame, upside down. That test was failed by almost every “gift quality” lighters I got my hands on.

    This $9 one is the best though:…

    They call them “torch” lighters since they use a palladium catalyst mesh to make the flame “whoosh” very hot instead of just flicker or blow out in the wind. I found that $60 lighters, although having cute shiny folding back head designs, didn’t burn very hot, likely to avoid actually turning one’s cigarette tip to black ash.

    This $60 one, which I unproudly own, is junk:

    Now if you want a Bunsen Burner instead, in this case one that holds a full bottle of drugstore butane, they are available too:

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