GAS WITHOUT COUPONS was a lucky break for this boy who had a can handy when a gasoline tank truck went over a bank and 3,500 gal. of gasoline were spilled. Which all goes to show that even an ill wind can blow someone some good. H. T. Warren, of East Braintree, Mass., had a camera instead of a can.

  1. fluffy says: June 18, 200710:43 am

    Oh boy, an ecological disaster! HOORAY!

  2. Caya says: June 18, 200712:23 pm

    My goodness, that was an explosion waiting to happen.

  3. Village Idiot says: June 19, 20074:25 pm

    But today, most of us would run home and get a can, too, which is kind of depressing.

  4. Stannous says: June 19, 200710:09 pm

    Mad Max IV: Beyond East Braintree

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  6. Tim Tracy says: July 15, 200810:40 pm

    Are those downed power lines in the right corner of the picture? What a bonehead

  7. Anne says: July 16, 20084:11 am

    They COULD be telegraph lines, Tim. Which, while still electrified, probably wouldn’t be quite so dangerous. But, then again, they might very well be power lines.

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