GE 7-point research reactor program (Sep, 1955)

New G-E 7-point program helps you plan and obtain nuclear research reactor

To help industrial, educational, and research organizations plan and obtain nuclear research reactors quickly, General Electric offers a new seven-point program.

7-point research reactor program

General Electric offers to:
1 PREPARE REACTOR SPECIFICATIONS, meeting your specific research requirements
2 CO-ORDINATE BUILDING STUDY, assuring proper housing of reactor
3 PREPARE HAZARDS SUMMARY REPORT to aid in obtaining approval
5 INSTALL REACTOR SYSTEM at your location
6 START UP REACTOR, assuring proper operation
7 PROVIDE REACTOR SERVICE to maintain reactor system in proper working order

By providing a large quantity of neutrons at power levels from one watt to 5000 kw, General Electric research reactors can be used as neutron beam generators, for production of radioisotopes, irradiation studies, and nuclear engineering studies. The use of these research reactors will be governed by the Atomic Energy Act of 1954. G.E. will also design and manufacture components for nuclear reactor systems.

Wide range of research reactors offered by G.E.
Nuclear Test Reactor 30 kw rating (max)
Water-boiler Reactor 50 kw rating (max)
Swimming Pool Reactor 1000 kw rating (max)
Heavy Water Reactor 5000 kw rating (max)

FOR SPECIFIC INFORMATION on General Electric’s 7-POINT RESEARCH REACTOR PROGRAM, contact your G-E Apparatus Sales Office. Send coupon below for bulletins on nuclear research reactors.

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