Genius hatcher (Aug, 1971)

Genius hatcher

Have trouble concentrating on your studies? Try the German Learning Egg. Shut yourself inside and absorb information from tape recordings, color slides, even an old-fashioned book or two. Six minutes inside turns you into a hard-boiled expert.

  1. Myles says: January 16, 200810:02 am

    There must be more to this story. That egg looks fairly expensive to build, and a very uncomfortable place to study. Wha’ts wrong with a cubicle.

  2. Don says: January 16, 200811:03 am

    Six minutes inside this egg “. . . turns you into a hard-boiled expert.” Six minutes inside a cubicle turns you into mush.

  3. Andreas says: January 16, 200811:58 am

    They were allowed to advertise products with ridiculous claims, and most of them took the opportunity to cheat a little.

    Most advertisements from that time made promises of eternal life, super strenght and making hair grow back.

    Not that it worked.

    Now they have new ways of advertising. The strategy is: “We know something you don’t! Want to learn the SECRETS that separate you from the millionaires? Uncover the simple methods that will make you WIN the world over.”

    Don’t trust any advertisements. Read reviews; read the stories from the frustrated people who beg you not to buy the product.


  4. Stannous says: January 16, 20088:06 pm

    Didn’t Barbarella have sex in one of these?

  5. Fred Rated says: January 18, 20081:38 am

    This confirms my feelings about the 1970s, which I am barely old enough to remember – it truly was a decade chock full of silliness and bad ideas.

  6. glenn says: November 15, 20088:40 pm

    I have also wondered about this. Popular Science was a “leak site” for much technology.

    I believe the key is the partial logo visible in the pic. Going back to ’71 and searching logos registered in Germany might produce results by indentifying the company. Identify the company, their research funding sources, you learn all.

    I’m of that vintage myself, (Grad High School ’72, and, based on the excellent info in this same issue-which I have- I now own a 1975 GMC motorhome, which, (manufactured ’73-’78 is considered by many to be the finest one ever built. I agree.)

    I also agree there is much more to this “learning egg”, based on all things “dome”.

    Anyone with the time and curiosity to check it out, please contact me with what you learn.

    Email: [email protected]

    Peace in the Verse.

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