Germ-Killing Lights for Safer Surgery (Sep, 1936)

Germ-Killing Lights for Safer Surgery

Bacteria destroying lamps for the operating room were recently demonstrated to the American Society of Surgeons. The lamp (below) sends out ultra-violet rays which have the property of killing germs in 60 seconds, yet not harming the patient. It is the first time the air of an operating room has been continuously sterilized ; thus, according to the inventor, Dr. Deryl Hart of Duke University, preventing sporadic infections.

In the photograph at the left are four surgeons, arrayed for work, with their new full-protection headdresses, under the new lamp.

  1. Hirudinea says: February 4, 20138:36 am

    Lose your appendix and get a tan, what an age we live in.

  2. JediaKyrol says: February 4, 20132:16 pm

    It smells like bacon in here…

  3. dj_nme says: February 4, 20133:53 pm

    This is the sort of ingenuity that was required before antibiotics.
    So much is taken for granted with modern medicine, that it is hard to imagine a time before it was available.

  4. Charlie says: February 4, 201310:04 pm

    dj_nme » Germicidal UV Lamps are still common now.

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