German Boys Build Scale Model Liners for Sea Cruises (Sep, 1935)

This is the coolest boat model I’ve ever seen. You can ride around in it!

German Boys Build Scale Model Liners for Sea Cruises
EXPERT marine constructionists, between the ages of 9 and 16 are being developed in one of the most novel trade schools of the world at Potsdam, Germany. Under the tutelage of experienced marine engineers, the youths receive a thorough technical training in building exact replicas of real steamships on a scale of one to twenty.
Grades are given according to the aptitude and intelligence shown in building the model vessels. The plans from which the youth work are the same plans, scaled down, of such ships
as the Normandie and the Queen Mary. At the end of the school year, advanced students build models that can actually go to sea.

  1. christopher marshall says: June 22, 20084:38 am

    The owner of the National Titanic Research Group. I find this quite cool were can i get one from?

  2. jayessell says: June 22, 20086:18 am

    Weren’t scale model ships used for training before the fancy electronic simulators?
    The early supertankers?
    Something like this scale?

  3. Jeffro says: May 8, 201110:47 pm

    There is a place where your dreams will come alive…..http://www.mannedmodels…

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