Germans Try Out Mystery Gun (Jan, 1938)

Judging by the man in the picture, I would look for these “secret tests” somewhere really close to a tennis court.

Germans Try Out Mystery Gun

The novel one-man antiaircraft gun seen in the photograph below is now being tested secretly by German army experts. The gunner, seated behind the barrel, controls the gun accurately and rapidly by means of foot pedals and hand levers, according to reports.

  1. Emcha says: April 7, 20072:21 pm

    So, gun controlled by pedals. And there was something mystic about it?

  2. Mateusz says: November 30, 200712:25 pm

    So if it was SO secret why where there pictures of a tennis player having fun with it in an American magazine? I believe that is a PAK40.

  3. R NABORNEY says: April 15, 20095:57 pm

    If you go to some sites, you’ll some idiots claiming that all Hitler-era teachnology was world-beating…This happens to be a 2-cm FLAK 38 with 0.3 lb explosive rounds fired at a rate of 450-500 rounds per minute to a range of 5250 yards. Employed in single, dual (“Zwilling”) and quad (“Vierling”) mounts by both Army & Navy. The Vierling developed a very good reputation against low-flying attack aircraft, but was not magic. It was comparable to the US/UK 20-mm licensed from the Swiss Oerlikon Company (a subsidiary of a German firm)and used by the Luftwaffe as an aircraft gun. At one point early in teh war, Oerlikon was buying German steel and selling guns to both sides!

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