Germs on Groceries Killed by Rays (Apr, 1946)

Germs on Groceries Killed by Rays
Housewives now can return home from shopping with germ-free groceries. A new “germ-killer,” designed for use in food stores, bathes the groceries in ultraviolet light. The unit is a plywood box with a large opening at one end. Baskets or carts of groceries, contaminated by handling, are placed in the box through the open end. Inside are three ultraviolet lamps that pour “condensed sunshine” over the foods. After 30 seconds the foods are withdrawn germ-free.

  1. Ivan says: February 19, 20084:42 am

    A great blog btw 🙂

    anyway this idea of killing germs by rays on the way out of the supermarket is truly weird… I wonder about the level of cancer desease afterwards… (Monty Python should’ve done a sketch about this one 🙂

  2. Randll says: February 21, 20082:43 pm

    Actually, treating the food with hight energy rays is being done now,just not at the grocery store. There are whole processing plants that are blasting spices,meats,nuts,grain and soon more with either magnatron guns or radioactive materials on coveyers before shipping. The problem? A chemical compound called radiolitics is created and now studies,I know of ,have been done on their effects on us! I don’t even know what a “white light mutaton” is. It stays on the shelf longer before going bad,that is if they treat it with enough radiation at a high enough level,that is. Add this to GMO’s,grown in sewer sludge,treated with pesticides,fungicides and contaminated bonemeal from animals eating other rendered animals shot full of antibiotics too.{Chickens,pigs,cows} Yum!!!!?

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