Get all the best electric refrigerator features in this new WILLIAMS ICE-O-MATIC (Mar, 1930)

Get all the best electric refrigerator features in this new WILLIAMS ICE-O-MATIC

Too many electric refrigerators have been sold on the appeal of some one mechanical feature. You are rightly entitled to all the best features when in vesting your money. This advanced new Williams Ice-O-Matic combines—for the very first time—the 15 most important characteristics of American and European makes.

Williams Ice-O-Matic is designed for the woman who is too busy to be bothered with mechanical details. It is amazingly simple, completely quiet, and virtually as inexpensive to operate as electric light.

This great household convenience literally pays for itself by the food it saves. In winter or summer, Ice-O-Matic protects your family’s health by the safely low temperature in its roomy storage space. Ice-O-Matic preserves the flavor and goodness of all edibles —adds zest to every meal. Mail the coupon now for information and an interesting new recipe book.

New Capitol Model
$175 and up, at the factory
Convenient Payments


A RADIO TREAT —Tune your radio to WJZ and NBC chain stations at 7:30 o’clock Eastern Standard Time each Sunday night. Friday nights at 8:30 Central Standard Time tune in WGN, Chicago.

  1. Devak says: December 6, 20112:36 pm

    For 1930 this cutie is very expensive. You had to be rich to afford this.

  2. BO BABBYO says: December 7, 201112:45 am

    $2,263.00 in 2011 dollars!

  3. Charlene says: December 7, 20111:57 am

    I’d love to know what show they sponsored.

  4. Devak says: December 7, 20112:04 am

    Charlene… may have been Elmer Grosso And His Orchestra. Elmer Grosso who, in addition to leading his own band, played both the violin and trumpet. In the early 1920s Grosso appeared on a few recordings for Columbia as a sideman with a jazz ensemble called the Happy Six. Between 1926 and 1930 his band cut a few dozen sides for Richmond, Indiana based Gennett Records. Most of Grosso’s Gennett recordings were also issued on the company’s Champion, Superior and Supertone subsidiary labels as well as its flagship Gennett label. At some point Grosso retired from the music industry and moved to Hollywood, Florida where he was successful in the real estate industry.”I’m Climbing Up A Rainbow” was introduced in the 1930 Fox Film The Big Party which starred Dixie Lee, Frank Albertson and “Whispering” Jack Smith. Unfortunately, the film is believed to be lost.

  5. Charlene says: December 8, 20113:37 am

    Thanks, Devak! I Googled but couldn’t find anything useful.

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