GET OUT (of the frigid zone) AND GET UNDER THE SUN (Dec, 1936)

GET OUT (of the frigid zone) AND GET UNDER THE SUN

by Greyhound

THE COST: Lowest of all!
THE REWARD: A grand trip, scenic enjoyment, glowing health!

Make this winter out from the cheerless, chilly ones of other years. Acquire a radiant sun tan on the warm sands of Florida, the Gulf Coast or California. Do it on the most modest income, at little more cost than staying home!

The trip, in a smooth-rolling, cheerfully-warmed Greyhound coach will cost about one-third as much as driving a small private auto—far less than any other type of transportation. It will take you over glamorous highways, south into the sunshine zone — allow up to six months at your destination — bring you back over a different scenic route, at a saving of 20% on the return trip. Can you match this value anywhere else? For fares, pictorial folder, all information, see the Greyhound agent in your city — or mail the coupon today.


Mail this coupon to nearest information office, listed above, for attractive pictorial folder, rates, route information on trips to FLORIDA, GULF COAST, NEW ORLEANS, SOUTHWEST, CALIFORNIA. (Please check which one.)


  1. Kosher Ham says: January 26, 201212:38 pm

    Now you do the same stuff, only it’s on an airliner.

    Big whooptie-do! I’m already a resident of California, BTW it is 76 degrees now.

  2. Charlene says: January 26, 201210:59 pm

    Sign me up!

  3. Rick Auricchio says: January 27, 20129:58 am

    My immediate thought was that this was an ad from one of those Sexology magazines!

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