Get This Home Movie Feature – “BISCUIT BEN” (Jul, 1947)

“Climax when he spreads dough on chest and cuts biscuits.”

This sounds like something dirty that I don’t quite understand.

Get This Home Movie Feature – “BISCUIT BEN”

Ben prepares dinner when wife attends evening bridge club. Gets into hilarious trouble. Climax when he spreads dough on chest and cuts biscuits. Packed with laughs.

“The Pickpocket”
Another feature comedy in which Ben pulls series of insane “hi-jinks” as professional pickpocket.

16mm K., Sound… $17.50 – 16mm B&W, Sound $7.50

Write for catalog and prices of comedies, cartoons, travel and scenic features. At your dealer or order direct.

6060 Sunset Blvd. Dept. 116
Hollywood 28, Calif.

  1. Toronto says: July 31, 20127:25 pm

    These sold in “K” and “B&W”. It came in Kolor?

    And yeah, that a definite on the weird sex film thing, Charlie. After “The Pickpocket”, our pal Ben probably became a pizza delivery man.

    Now excuse me, I have some Pop’n’Fresh to attend to.

  2. jeffm says: October 31, 20123:07 pm

    Looks like it was available in color all right, the “K” probably was short for Kodachrome. Hollywood Film Enterprises, a film laboratory which I believe still exists under another name, was the home movie distributor for Walt Disney’s cartoons from the early 1930’s until the mid-1960’s. HFE pretty much withdrew from the home movie market after Disney pulled their licenses and started their own home movie company. Some of HFE’s non-Disney releases included a handful of Laurel & Hardy and Charlie Chaplin comedies, some Gene Autry and Roy Rogers westerns, and Tarzan adventures edited from a silent-era serial.

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