Get Your New Flag, With All 49 Stars (Jun, 1959)

WITH ALASKA’S STAR It’s the first change since 1912 … makes all U. S. flags you own now obsolete. Get the NEW flag now for home and business locations, for public sites and building? under your care—for flagpole, roof, wall and window installations. Many INDOOR uses, too—in auditoria of all types, executive offices, boardrooms, wherever people congregate. Be prepared for parades, celebrations, anniversaries . . . for National and state holidays, local events. Many buildings fly Old Glory every day in the year! Every home should have one, as proud testimony of allegiance and as inspirations to the youngsters. Retire your obsolete flags. Order new ones now . … and remember to get one for your summer home, branch business location, etc. A WONDERFUL GIFT. Send new flag to Americans living abroad.
* 2-ply heavy cotton bunting * reinforced with Nylon thread * sewed stripes * beautifully embroidered stars * all-weatherproof—colorfast * complete with canvas heading and brass grommets * quality exceeds government specifications
3 ft. x 5 ft. in Polyethylene storage bag. . .$5.95 ppd
5 ft. x 8 ft. in Polyethylene storage bag. .$11.95 ppd.
3 ft. x 5 ft. with hardwood lacquered pole . . $8 95 ppd.
(2 sections) plus metal support bracket

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  1. The Defenestrator says: March 26, 20082:53 pm

    I bet the people that bought this were angry when Hawaii got made a state 2 months later.

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