Getting there is half the fun! (Oct, 1952)

Getting there is half the fun!

Autumn is ideal for your visit to Europe… when Britain and the Continent are at their sparkling, uncrowded best… and ideal, too, for a gay, relaxing ocean voyage! When you go Cunard, each day at sea and each brilliant, enchanted evening is a glorious new adventure shared with interesting companions amid all the comforts of a great seaside resort. You’ll delight in the bright conviviality, the thoughtful, attentive service for which Cunard is famous… and the marvelous food, prepared for your sea-sharpened appetite by internationally trained chefs.

See your travel agent about Cunard’s lower “Thrift Season” rates.

No wonder more people prefer Cunard


  1. C.H. says: October 19, 201111:19 am

    This has to be one of the few vintage travel ads I’ve seen that shows something you can still do, and a ship that still exists…

  2. tb says: October 19, 201111:27 am

    What a wonderful way to travel; if you had the time and money. I want to visit Europe again but it would involve being packed into the flying tube, several hours of sheer misery, and still cost money! Actually the misery factor would be doubled. Since going thru the flight from hell but not actually crashing a few years ago I am now terrified when I have to fly.

  3. Pwilliam says: October 19, 20111:23 pm

    I didn’t realize that Cunard had “gay” cruises back then. LOL

  4. Hirudinea says: October 19, 20117:39 pm

    @ Pwilliam – Now adays you have to go to these guys – http://www.atlantiseven…

  5. Sean says: October 20, 20119:47 am

    The Queen Mary 2 still runs a transatlantic schedule once or twice a month.…

    The cheapest cabins will probably run you about twice what airfare would be for the round trip.

  6. Toronto says: October 20, 20119:58 am

    Sean: The QM2 was christened in 2004, so I don’t understand your “still”. It’s not the same ship as the original Queen Mary, which last time I checked was moored in Long Beach CA as museum/hotel.

  7. Charlene says: October 20, 201110:22 pm

    “Not now, ladies: I’m busy dropping my ashes into the swimming pool.”

    “(sigh) I’ll just sit here sucking in my 12-inch waist while Ethel jumps in from the third floor balcony.”

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