Giant Shoe Is Built Over Auto (Jul, 1934)

Giant Shoe Is Built Over Auto
A FOREIGN shoe manufacturer, desiring to advertise his business, built a giant shoe 10 feet high and more than 16 feet long. The metal shoe is mounted on a lengthened automobile chassis, with a windshield above the instep. The canvas luces flap in the wind as the car races through the streets.

  1. jayessell says: July 14, 200812:08 pm

    It should have been made to look more like a rollerskate.

  2. Thundercat says: July 14, 200812:50 pm

    I can’t imagine that the “new car smell” for this auto is very good.

  3. Wade George says: July 27, 200810:19 pm

    I always wondered what Mother Hubbard drove.

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