Giant Suction Cups Stimulate Heart Action and Breathing (Jul, 1940)

Giant Suction Cups Stimulate Heart Action and Breathing

TO stimulate both heart and lung action in victims of suffocation by gas, smoke, or drowning, Dr. Dewell Gann, Jr., of Little Rock, Ark., has devised novel “rubber lungs.” Two large vacuum cups are placed just below the shoulder blades of the victim and pressure is applied rhythmically to move the diaphragm. In addition to promoting artificial respiration, the rubber lungs are said to maintain blood circulation.

  1. Alan J. Richer says: December 21, 20075:54 am

    It’s cupping (a holistic treatment) from hell! What next, acupuncture with railroad spikes?


  2. james says: December 21, 20075:27 pm

    their gay.

  3. Stannous says: December 21, 20078:23 pm

    Primitive CPR.

  4. KA Turner says: April 18, 20086:49 pm

    This Arkansas doctor was probably cursing when he read about the discovery of CPR in 1960. If he had just figured out what made the heart pump he would have discovered that any pressure on the thorax, especially sternally, would circulate blood.

  5. Mike says: December 7, 20082:32 am

    In about 34 states in the US two men could get arrested for doing what those two laddies are attempting. Besides, by the looks of it, the bottom guy is way underage!

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