Giant Truck Will Carry “Mail Order” House (Jun, 1935)

Giant Truck Will Carry “Mail Order” House

For the delivery of complete prefabricated houses to all parts of the United States, a special tractor-trailer unit is planned. The trucking arrangement is intended to serve a house manufacturing company in which Alfred P. Sloan of General Motors and other industrialists are interested. According to plans, each of the 1,500 proposed vehicles will carry one complete house ready for assembly, two drivers, a master mechanic and a building supervisor. Sleeping accommodations above the seat will enable the crew to travel night and day, speeding up the movement from one site to another. Local labor will erect the houses, supervised by the crew from the factory or distribution point. The houses, which will be low-cost, modern residences, can be completely assembled, ready for occupancy, in two weeks.

  1. Michael Patrick says: April 18, 20085:44 am

    I’m pretty sure I remember a Three Stooges episode based on a mail order home…….. and why is the gunner trying to take out the mail order house truck?

  2. Alan J. Richer says: April 18, 200811:07 am

    Mail order houses were not at all unusual- though they were usually rail freighted in or trucked in then assembled by the owner.

    The late Grossman’s building store chain sold them as early as the 1920s/30s, ans did Sears and several other supply outlets.

    Near a home I used to own in Westford, MA there were several small cotteges that had been converted to year-round use from summer homes. All of them were Grossman;s kit houses. I had the pleasure of getting inside one of them and having a look – one of the unconverted ones – and was impressed by the solidity and design.


  3. jayessell says: April 19, 20084:30 am

    Here’s Buster Keaton’s build it yourself house movie:…

  4. Firebrand38 says: April 19, 20085:37 am

    Michael you remember correctly about the Stooges. You can watch it here http://www.threestooges…

  5. jayessell says: April 19, 20088:41 am

    Wasn’t there an Abott and Costello short with the same premise?
    (Except the labels on the parts were sabotaged so the parts are in the wrong places.)

  6. jayessell says: April 19, 20089:02 am

    Yes there was:

    DISC FOUR of The Abbott & Costello Show
    100th Anniversary Collection Season 2

    Honeymoon House – Lou, Bud, and Mr. Fields try to build a pre-fab house
    for Lou’s fiancée. Inspired by Buster Keaton’s One Week.

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