Gibson Mandolins: The Music Pals of the Nation (Oct, 1923)

The Music Pals of the Nation

New friends, new pleasures, new and interesting experiences, invitations galore—dinners, dances, week-end parties, outings,—are some of the good things playing a Gibson brings into your life.

Gibson Instruments are easily learned in spare time without previous knowledge of music. A few weeks of pleasant, interesting study and you’ll be able to play. And there’s no other joy in life quite equal to hearing music you make on your own instruments.

$5.00 Monthly buys a Gibson. The ultimate in construction, finish, tone quality and volume. Built like a violin. Adjustable bridge, non-warpable truss rod neck and thirty other exclusive Gibson features. Guaranteed for life. Non-Gibson instruments exchanged.

Make $25 to $200 weekly, selling, playing, teaching. Own a high class, exclusive business. We furnish stock, advertise, help sell, carry accounts. Gibsons easily sold on confidential credit plan.

Send for FREE catalog, FREE music and information about Mandolin, Mandola, Mando-cello, Mando-bass, Guitar, Harp-guitar, Mandolin-banjo, Tenor-banjo, Cello-banjo, Guitar-banjo. If interested in Agency, check here……….. Teacher………. Clip, check and mail this ad today.

Address all mail to Kalamazoo.

Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Co.
1583 Parsons St. Kalamazoo, Mich.
Foreign Dept. 25 Broad St., N. Y. City

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