Gillette Ad: “I didn’t get the job” (Feb, 1932) (Feb, 1932)

“I didn’t get the job”

HE’D counted on landing the job—but he missed out. Again he’ll have to “stall” the landlord, the grocer and all the rest. One thing stood between him and a weekly pay check. His wife is somewhat reluctant to tell him. He doesn’t realize that a fresh, close shave is important in getting and holding a job.

Far too many men shave, without being clean shaven. The blade you choose and the way you use it make the difference. Of course you can’t shave your way to independence, but a fresh, immaculate appearance will help. The slightest growth of stubble is a handicap.

Today Gillette offers a new blade that makes close and frequent shaving easy and comfortable. It never roughens or irritates tender skin. Stubborn beard is sheared away quickly and smoothly. Try the new Gillette on our guarantee. You risk nothing. Buy a package and use two blades. If every shave isn’t clean and pleasant — return the package to your dealer and he’ll refund the entire purchase price.

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  1. Adrian says: September 25, 20073:45 am

    If he was that down on his luck perhaps he couldn’t afford an expensive Gillette razor.

  2. Thundercat says: September 25, 200710:46 am

    I’m sure that she sleeps better at night telling herself that it wasn’t his lack of skills, education, experience or personality why he didn’t get the job, it was his 5 o’clock shadow.

    And I’m sure that it was his stubble issue that got him fired from his previous job, not the embezzling or gross incompetence.

  3. Blurgle says: September 25, 20071:09 pm

    I don’t think we have to look at incompetence or misdeeds to wonder why a man would be fired in 1932.

    Although I doubt being close-shaved would have gotten him a job at a time of 30% unemployment, either.

  4. fluffy says: September 25, 20071:53 pm

    Heck, he should have just washed his face.

  5. Will S. says: October 21, 200710:54 pm

    Is it wise to market razor blades to depressed unemployed guys? Just askin’.

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