Gimmicks for Beauty (Jan, 1949)

Gimmicks for Beauty

FEW girls are born beautiful. But many plain Janes are getting pretty enough to make a guy go ga-ga, thanks to the odd gimmicks beauty gadgeteers are turning out. To the male eye the strange beautifying machines look like modern versions of a medieval torture chamber. To milady the devices are the wonderful instruments that help nature transform the ugliest duckling into a lovely swan. Here are four of the new gadgets now glorifying the New York girl: (1) Black Ray machine, for banishing skin blemishes; (2) “chinning” device, to pick up that slack under the chin; (3) multiple-wave oscillator, to perk up nerves and glands, and (4) electrical masseur, to mold the waist into the form divine.

  1. Firebrand38 says: May 14, 20088:14 pm

    I think that more than just a few “girls” are born beautiful http://www.campaignforr…

  2. Firebrand38 says: May 14, 20088:21 pm

    I almst forgot that #3 is the famous Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator (quack, quack!)

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