Girls — Girls — Nothing But Girls (Sep, 1914)

I guess the Girls Club was a slightly different organization in 1914…

Girls — Girls — Nothing But Girls

Classy pictures of beautiful women in natural and entrancing poses. Really delightful. They will increase your heart beats (if you are human). Just the kind of pictures that you may have been looking for. A fascinating set of ten pictures sent in plain wrapper for 50c. (stamps or money order). Order a sample set and you will want more of them.

BRONX GIRLS CLUB 417E. 151st St, New York

  1. Cleanser says: May 15, 20085:35 am

    I love how they emphasize that it’s shipped in a “plain wrapper” 🙂 SURE they’re classy…

  2. jayessell says: May 15, 20088:15 am


  3. Al Bear says: May 15, 20081:03 pm


  4. Greg says: May 15, 20084:56 pm

    I love how it still reads like a spam email; “They will increase your heart beats (if you are human)” sounds like it could’ve been pulled straight from the crap that’s clogging up my inbox.

  5. Rich says: May 22, 20085:32 am

    Nothing changes.

  6. Jacky Winters says: April 27, 200910:32 am

    And if you are NOT human, let us be the first to congratulate you on being able to read this ad!

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