GIRLS DESPISED HIS SKINNY, PIMPLY LOOKS but now he’s gained 21 POUNDS and new popularity Roy Rigby “At parties I felt like a back number. I was so skinny and my face was so broken out with pimples that none of the girls ever noticed me. On the advice of a friend I started taking Ironized Yeast. In 12 weeks I gained 21 pounds and my face began to clear up and take on a healthy color. I’m strong as an ox now and so popular that the fellows call me a ‘Ladies’ Man’.” —Roy Rigby, De Kalb, ILL.

SKINNY? Thousands gain 10 to 25 lbs. with new IRONIZED YEAST tablets NO longer need thousands remain skinny and friendless, even if they never could gain before. Here’s a new easy method for them that puts on pounds of naturally attractive flesh—in just a few weeks!

Scientists have discovered that hosts of people are thin and rundown simply because they do not get enough Vitamin B and iron in their daily food. Without these vital elements you may lack appetite and not get the most body-building good out of what you eat. One of the world’s richest sources of health-building Vitamin B is the special yeast used in making English ale.

Now by a new costly process, this rich yeast is concentrated 7 times, taking 7 pounds of yeast to make just one pound of concentrate—thus making it many times more powerful in Vitamin B strength than ordinary yeast! It is then combined with 3 kinds of strength-building iron (organic, inorganic and hemoglobin iron); also pasteurized English ale yeast. Finally, for your protection and benefit, every batch of Ironized Yeast is tested and retested biologically for its Vitamin B strength. This insures its full weight-building power.

The result is these new easy-to-take little Ironized Yeast tablets which have helped thousands of skinny people who needed their vital elements quickly to gain normally attractive flesh and peppy health.

Make this money-back test If, with the very first package of Ironized Yeast, you don’t begin to eat better and to get more benefit from your food—if you don’t feel better, with more strength, pep and energy—if you are not convinced that Ironized Yeast will give you the pounds of normally attractive flesh you need—the price of this first package will be promptly refunded. So get Ironized Yeast tablets from your druggist today.

Special offer!

To start thousands building up their health right away, we make this valuable special offer. Purchase a package of Ironized Yeast tablets at once, cut out the seal on the box and mail it to us with a clipping of this paragraph. We will send you a fascinating new book on health, “New Facts About Your Body.” Remember, results with the very first package—or money refunded. At all druggists. Ironized Yeast Co., Inc., Dept. 562, Atlanta, Ga.

WARNING: Beware of the many cheap substitutes. Be sure you get the genuine ironized Yeast.

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  1. mike says: February 17, 20091:18 pm

    The only problem is the yeast infections!

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