Girls Dive Into a Pool of Oranges in Fete Competition (Aug, 1929)

Girls Dive Into a Pool of Oranges in Fete Competition

THREE tons of oranges recently floated in the municipal swimming pool of Anaheim, California, for the obstacle race put on in preparation for the selection of its representative in the annual Valencia Orange show held there. Almost a score of girls from Anaheim high school swam 200 feet through the floating fruit in the competition.

Unless a swimmer knows the correct manner to enter the water in a dive, he can receive a stinging slap from the impact of his body hitting the surface at the wrong angle. How good, then, must a diver be to hurl himself headlong into a pool of oranges without getting a black eye or a bruised nose? These girls shown above are doing just that. And none of them was hurt. They made up one of the heats of the race.

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  2. Hirudinea says: October 13, 20119:34 pm

    And little did they know that in a year they would sell themselves for just one orange.

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