GIRO-Automobile FLIES Without WINGS (Jul, 1935)

GIRO-Automobile FLIES Without WINGS

The wing-less autogiro and the invention of a combined land and air drive makes the dream of the flying auto come true.

FLYING automobiles are within reach of the public today as a result of a dual drive for land or air invented by Edward A. Stalker, of Ann Arbor, Mich. His gear drive includes a simple clutch which engages a wheel to drive the car on land or a propeller to push the vehicle through the air.

Based on this invention, the giro-automobile was designed. In appearance it resembles the modern streamlined, rear engine automobile. No wings are necessary as autogiro blades would provide the necessary lift.

The U. S. Bureau of Air Commerce has ordered the Pitcairn Autogiro Company to design an autogiro airplane-automobile for amateur fliers, which with its rotor blades folded back and its engine geared to the wheels can be driven on a highway like a motor car.

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