I’m pretty sure this thing is hanging off the side of a building in Manhattan right now.


A NEW form of amusement park device that takes the thrill-seeker aloft in circling swoops has been installed on the “Zone” at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. The device consists of a steel arm, nearly 250 feet long, which is pivoted at one end, and carries a car for passengers at the other. The whole mechanism revolves on a turntable, so that as the arm rises, the car is carried around in an ascending spiral.

The elevation of the car when in this position, together with the added elevation of the location of the structure above that of the Exposition grounds in general, gives an unobstructed view of the Exposition and of its surroundings, for the car in this position is the highest structure on the grounds, with the single exception of the Tower of Jewels.

The structure was invented by J. B. Strauss, maker of bascule bridges, and is an evolution of the familiar “jack knife”. It is counterbalanced by a huge concrete weight which automatically fills with water to meet the varying weight of the car and its load of people. Enough water flows into the concrete reservoir and weight to keep the car on the ground as each passenger steps off” at the completion of his thrilling aerial ride.

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  1. Toronto says: November 1, 20122:10 pm

    Hanging off the sides of buildings was a bit of a fad this year in Toronto. Besides the Sky Walk (hang out atop the CN tower!) there were lots of “Rappel for Charity” type things off the various bank towers.

    I could see NYC doing something with that crane idea, Charlie.

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