Glass Banks Will Foil Hold-Ups (Aug, 1931)

Glass Banks Will Foil Hold-Ups

BANK hold-ups may soon become things of the past if the common-sense but revolutionary ideas of Francis Keally, New York architect, are put into effect. He suggests that banks be constructed with glass walls and that office partitions within the building likewise be transparent, so that a clear view of everything that is happening inside the bank will be afforded from all angles at all times.

The glass wall would be double, with an air space between which would be maintained at even temperature to keep the surface clean of frost and steam. Tellers would not be caged behind barred wickets or bullet-proof windows, but would transact business over an ordinary counter, keeping a minimum amount of currency at hand. Cash reserves of the bank would be kept in a huge basement vault, connected by a pneumatic tube system for carrying money to and from the tellers. The money vaults would be windowless and admittance would be barred by massive doors, but workers would be provided fresh air by means of modern ventilating systems.

  1. JM says: August 25, 200810:14 am

    Wow.. so bad these revolutionary ideas from Keally didn’t take in consideration the bank’s stakeholders’ greedy nature, that never would think in that because the need of payment for both teller and vault worker

  2. AM says: August 25, 200810:46 am

    Are you kidding? You just break the glass and get in…it may take some time, but its possible…

  3. Erica says: August 25, 200810:57 am

    Hopefully the bathrooms wouldn’t have glass walls as well……

  4. Rick Auricchio says: August 25, 200811:40 am

    The invention of closed-circuit TV made this idea obsolete. And nobody wants to be a witness anyway.

  5. jayessell says: August 25, 200812:05 pm

    In the 21st Century, most bank robberies are committed with a pen.

  6. Neil Russell says: August 25, 200812:47 pm

    As late as 1963 one of our local banks (Statesboro, GA) opened a satellite branch that was glass all around the front and halfway down the sides, it was like going into a terrarium in the desert in that place.
    Today it’s a Subway sandwich shop, I just wish they would use the driveup drawer to dispense sandwiches.

  7. Githyanki says: August 27, 20084:25 am

    It would be even cooler if they used the air chute to dispense the sandwiches.

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