Glass Eaten With Secret Fluid (Jun, 1931)

Glass Eaten With Secret Fluid

EATING light bulbs, bottles and tumblers with relish is the amazing feat performed by “Professor” Paul Owen, of New York City. The secret of his performance lies in a fluid which he swallows to render his intestines immune to cuts by the glass.

  1. Yaos says: February 26, 201112:07 pm

    I believe what keeps his body immune from cuts is the phenomenon known as “telling lies”.

  2. Charlene says: February 26, 201112:10 pm

    It could be candy glass…but yeah, otherwise it’s the eternal mystery of making it up as you go along.

  3. John says: February 26, 20111:15 pm

    Yaos: Nonsense and other comments. Its actually a common sideshow act. He is of course lying about the mystery fluid but the eating glass part is in all likelihood genuine.

  4. John Savard says: February 27, 20118:33 pm

    I think it’s indeed that the “glass” objects are really made from sugar – a well-known Hollywood trick – and the claim of a mystery fluid is just patter to make the trick seem impressive.

  5. John says: February 27, 20118:39 pm

    John Savard: Follow the link. The glass objects were glass.

  6. George says: February 28, 20118:44 am

    The secret fluid is hydrofluoric acid which safely dissolves the glass, thereby rendering it harmless.

  7. Toronto says: February 28, 20118:44 am

    George: You go first.

  8. Jari says: February 28, 20112:49 pm

    Glass eating is nothing. Michel Lotito ate an Cessna 150 among other things during his career.

  9. darren says: March 28, 20119:26 pm

    I’ve only got one question – why?

  10. Mike says: April 30, 20113:57 pm

    darren, to answer your question…. to make money.

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