Glasses are only Eye-Crutches (Nov, 1934)

That’s right! Glasses are for the weak. Only morons who don’t have the wisdom of Bernarr Macfadden need them. Also, cancer can be cured by the power of prayer and scurvy can be cured by reciting a lot of words that begin with the letter C.

Glasses are only Eye-Crutches – anyway

“Yes, We Quit Wearing Eye-glasses and Now We Both See Perfectly.”

Why Don’t You Stop Wearing Eye-glasses and regain NORMAL VISION?

He was eager to tell his story—and why not for he had been wearing eye-glasses since his student days and had been told that he would always have to wear them. But, he followed the rules of an eminent ophthalmologist who discovered the real truth about eyes.

This great scientist in collaboration with Bernarr Macfadden produced the method for strengthening the eyes and correcting eye troubles that is now acclaimed by many thousands who have tested it and found it of untold benefit.

Thousands of people go through life with the belief that they have to wear eye-glasses not knowing that modern science now offers them their normal vision through a simple system of eye correction.

Over twenty years ago Bernarr Macfadden had a most trying experience with his eyes. The idea of wearing glasses was intolerable, so, always willing to back up new theories by experimenting upon himself, he immediately started upon a course of natural treatment that he fully believed would help him.

The results were so entirely satisfactory that he associated himself with one of the greatest eye specialists and together they entered upon a long period of research and experiment, the results and advantages of which are now available to everyone wearing glasses—regardless of the number of years they may have been wearing them.

This System of Eye Training is Revolutionary and Successful

A. remarkable scientific system of eye training now quickly enables you to train the muscles of your eyes so that you can make them work properly at all times and without effort or strain.

If you already wear glasses, find out how you can discard them. If you do not wear glasses but feel that your eyesight is failing, then find out how a few minutes each day assures you perfect sight without the use of glasses.

Throw Eye-glasses Away

Here is a man who writes: “By faithfully following the directions given in your eye course, I have discarded glasses worn for years.”

Another grateful reader of this method writes: “I had been wearing glasses since I was eight years old and could not go a day without them. I am now twenty-four and with just a little effort in practicing the Eye Exercises each day for a period of two months, I have been able to stop wearing glasses entirely.”

These inspiring results bring a message of hope to everyone suffering from weak eyes or poor sight. There is hardly any condition that will not respond with benefit to those using this revolutionary method of eye training.

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  1. docca says: June 9, 20076:34 am

    “Bernarr” MacFadden was the founder of Physical Culture magazine and apparently quite a popular figure back then.

    According to Encyclopaedia Brittanica, he was also the inventor of the penis pump:


    Wikipedia says he started a lot of fast-dieting crazes at the time:…

    and there are still a lot of fans, it appears:


    His publishing companies (and some of the magazines) still exist, albeit on other hands.

    About the whole “throw your glasses away”, I once met a guy that preached that. He had something like 12 degrees of myopia, and one day just thought he didn’t need the glasses. I can assure you he still stumbles on a lot of coffee tables around, despite what he believes… 🙂

  2. Village Idiot says: June 10, 20077:08 am

    Quote: “…acclaimed by many thousands who have tested it and found it of untold benefit.”

    Apparently they could only find two of the “many” thousands to tell of the “benefit.”

    And it’s funny to see the scroogle ad for LASIK below the article, right next to ads selling a method for strengthening the eyes and correcting eye troubles that at first glance appears to be the very product being sold by this 1934 ad. Even with the existence of LASIK and RK and others, if you go to an opthamology convention you’ll notice… lots of doctors wearing glasses! Hmmm….

  3. Close minded says: July 19, 201011:12 am

    The American Optometric Association has records of 1,000 Army & Navy air cadets who improved their previous poor eye sight by exercise enough to get into flight school. See Time article…

    The 1998 10 year National Eye Institute study has many prominent participants involved that found certain vitamins improve eye health. The participants include Emory University, John Hopkins Hospital, University of Wisconsin – Madison, the CDC and many others. They have there place but it is not just about glasses and surgery.

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