Glow in the Dark Products (Oct, 1947)

Love to pray, but hate those pesky lights? Be the first on your block with a glow in the dark crucifix!

Glows in the Dark

Free Sample

Be the first to sell luminous house numbers, light switch plates, wall protectors, pull cords. Also luminous pictures, statues, decals, and a host of religious, nursery and other objects that glow in the dark. Get into this new and growing industry.
Enormous demand… no competition … sensational demonstration… big profits. Represent a large manufacturer, established over 34 years. Write today-for liberal money-making offer and free sample to show how they glow in the dark.

303 Fourth Ave.,
New York 10, N.Y.

  1. Stannous says: October 23, 20067:42 pm

    Oh boy! More fun with radium!

  2. john says: August 3, 200812:30 am

    i would like to know more about this

  3. Mariel says: August 3, 20081:01 pm

    i will like to recive soe free samples, i am plannig to open a store here in dominican republic

  4. Spacehead says: November 20, 20082:01 am

    For all things glow in the dark check Way more fun than staring at a radium doped Jesus

  5. Richard says: March 13, 20099:06 pm

    I just found this site. I use to sell these vary same “Glow in the Dark” items from Madison Mills, as a kid,
    60 years ago. I actually made a fare amount of money doing it. What spurred my interest was I still have a little miniature “Glow in the Dark” Dutch boy figurine standing on my dresser. I just notice it and thought ,Are they still in business ? YES! I did sell a lot of “glow in dark” Crucifix’s and a few of those Jesus pictures. Which glowed in different
    Colors. Not just the luminous green color! Just a little stroll down memory lane for me !

  6. Eric says: April 24, 20104:24 pm

    Per comment 5 from Richard — I actually have one of those charms pictured in the ad and am researching the history of glow-in-the-dark things. I would love to chat with you about your experiences as a kid selling this stuff, if you would be so kind. Would be great to find out more about Madison Mills & etc. Please if possible leave another comment here & we’ll figure out how to get in touch. (& Thank You, Modern Mechanix for posting this!)

  7. qyooqy says: June 2, 20115:50 pm

    I don’t care if it rains or freezes…

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