Going Abroad? (Feb, 1931)

Going Abroad?

THEN WHY SHOP AROUND FOR YOUR STEAMSHIP RESERVATIONS Your steamship ticket is your admission card to the boat that carries you to foreign shores. Its reservation is your first requirement in preparing for your journey and the earlier you make it, the more your stateroom will approximate your wishes.

Many factors enter into the purchase of a steamship ticket—the line, ship, class, sailing date, speed, and, of course, the cost. Shopping around by the hazardous trial-and-error method is a waste of time and effort.

At American Express offices trained travel men are ready to plan for your comfort and reserve for you any ticket for any ship, any line—at standard prices. Reserving your steamship space in this travel-wise way you can rest assured that the first part of your voyage will equal your expectations.

Then after your steamship ticket is an accomplished fact, your second thought is for your pass- port. The American Express travel man who sold you your ticket will supply you with a passport application blank and aid you in procuring this admission booklet to foreign shores. He will also advise you how to apply for visas, if visas are required for the countries which you intend to visit.

Purchasing your steamship ticket through the American Express Company, and, before leaving for your trip, insuring your travel funds by changing them into American Express Travelers Cheques, entitles you to the services of the Company’s worldwide travel organization while you are en route—to the use of the Company’s foreign offices as your mail and cable addresses, and to the aid of the Company’s interpreters and travel men.

These services are maintained to make your trip carefree, easy and enjoyable.

American Express Company

  1. Alex says: March 2, 20115:12 pm

    Is this the same as the credit card company or is this just a coincidence?

  2. John says: March 2, 20115:21 pm

    Its the same company. They didn’t offer charge cards until the late 1950’s but offered other travel services as they still do today https://axptravel.ameri…

    The address at 65 Broadway is still there as the American Express Building.

  3. Toronto says: March 2, 20116:48 pm

    Alex: Technically, they weren’t a credit card until the 90s, I think, They were a “charge card”, like Diners Club – you had to pay off the balance at the end of the month. Amex still offers both types, I believe.

  4. Kosher Ham says: March 2, 20119:20 pm

    Will you be able to meet Karl Malden?

  5. Alex says: March 2, 20119:24 pm

    @John I thought they were the same! I thought they only did flight travel nowadays but I guess not.

    @Toronto I find it hard to believe that American Express would still have a charge card but I wouldn’t know.

  6. John says: March 2, 20119:33 pm

    Toronto: Close enough. They didn’t offer the Optima credit card until 1987.

    Alex: That’s what the Green Card is

  7. Alex says: March 3, 20119:40 am

    @John Oh! That’s my bad then!

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