“Golden Flavor” (May, 1954)

Where do you think they make this beer? Minnesota or something?

“Golden Flavor”
makes Milwaukee’s finest beer even finer!

MILWAUKEE – Blatz Beer – Brewed in Milwaukee!

First in Milwaukee!
Finest in Milwaukee!

  1. Timaay says: March 14, 20115:31 pm

    She doesn’t look like Laverne or Shirley.

  2. Hirudinea says: March 14, 20116:59 pm

    And I thought “Duff” was a funny name for a beer!

  3. revpj says: March 14, 20119:05 pm

    I think Blatz wasan onomatopoeia style name based on post drink sounds.

  4. John says: March 14, 20119:12 pm

    revpj: Jeez it was the founder’s name. Valentin Blatz

  5. Charlene says: March 15, 20119:05 am

    “Blatz” sounds suspiciously like something I heard yesterday, at Hour 29 of my supposed 24-hour flu.

  6. Mike says: March 15, 20114:59 pm

    First in Milwaukee! Finest in Milwaukee!

    Says a lot about Milwaukee… but Schlitz is what made Milwaukee famous.

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