Golf Club Cart Abolishes Caddy (Dec, 1933)

Golf Club Cart Abolishes Caddy

A NEW golf club cart now on the market may relegate the caddy to oblivion, along with the telegrapher, the movie theatre musician and the horse.

The cart is built along the lines of the truck commonly employed in wheeling boxed goods. The golf bag straps to the handle, its bottom resting on a small platform.

When moving the clubs from one hole to another, the golfer simply takes the cart in tow and wheels along over the fairway to the next tee.

  1. Blurgle says: July 10, 20083:12 pm

    This should be in the Origins category too.

  2. Charlie says: July 10, 20083:49 pm


  3. Eliyahu says: July 12, 20082:53 pm

    I’m not sure why the lady even needs a cart with only four clubs in her bag.

  4. Erica says: July 12, 20086:05 pm

    I think the Caddy Abolitionists neglected to consider how much rich executives might like having a lowly caddy that they could boss around while golfing…

  5. KHarn says: July 19, 200810:27 am

    Eliminating caddies durring the Depression. Great idea.

  6. Mike says: July 19, 20082:49 pm

    KHam I agree! Those BIG wealthy golfers have eliminated the little caddy workers! Power to the three iron! No blood for water hazards!

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