Golf is Now Played Like Roulette (Sep, 1931)

Golf is Now Played Like Roulette

A SCRAMBLING of the ancient Scotch game of golf and the somewhat less Scotch game of roulette has resulted in the creation which beats all for novelty—golf played on a roulette wheel. In the center of a circular pit a gaming wheel, marked like the table variety, spins merrily, while the golfer attempts to knock a golf ball into the winning compartments.

Introduced recently in Los Angeles, the new game is winning increasing favor among West Coast golf fans seeking the thrills of both roulette and golf. The putting tee is located in a recess in the side of the pit, and the ball, shot from there, flutters around the wheel and finally settles into some compartment. Located out of doors to give full health benefits, the wheel is cleverly decorated with flashing lights and illuminated numbers for night playing.

  1. Kosher Ham says: May 27, 201011:32 am

    Scotch game? It should be a Scottish game; Scotch is the drink.

  2. Anne says: May 30, 20104:57 am

    What “health benefits” do you get from just standing there? At least with regular (or even mini) golf, you have to walk the course.

  3. Yoda says: June 2, 20106:13 am

    It does beg the question “just how much Scotch did they drink to come up with this!?”

  4. ASDFAS says: June 5, 20104:45 am

    Crazy Neon Rave Golf sounds like it would be really fun when drunk.

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