‘Golf Tees’ Support Roof of Windowless Office (Aug, 1939)

I love the fact that Frank Lloyd Wright called the air intakes he designed “nostrils”.

‘Golf Tees’ Support Roof of Windowless Office

Above you see no model of building of future, but the office of S. C. Johnson & Son, Racine, Wis. Two air intakes at top are called “nostrils” by architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Skylights and unseen fixtures supply light in the windowless building.

Above, the circular “bird-cage” elevator. Radiant floors heat the building, steam pipes being laid under the four-inch concrete slab. Without a conventional front door, entrance is through a roofed-over auto driveway. Near by is a “carport” for parking, and on its roof a theater and a squash court.

Center, glass-inclosed bridge linking two buildings. Above, glimpse of tapering “golf tee” columns which support roof. Circular stairways between floors save space. Reception hall is seen below.

  1. rsterling78 says: May 14, 20089:18 pm

    A windowless, hot-floored office building with no front door? Was the designer Frank Lloyd Wright or Franz Kafka?

  2. Benzene says: May 14, 200810:36 pm

    There’s no way in hell he’d get away with that elevator and spiral staircases these days.

  3. Ric says: May 15, 20088:23 am

    I hear this building’s roof now leaks like a sieve.

  4. Corey says: May 22, 200811:32 am

    Working at SC Johnson and being able to experience this wonderful piece of architecture first hand is amazing. Any skeptic can come to Racine, WI and take a tour. I promise you will walk away with a camera full of pictures and an appreciation of FLW’s imagination, innovation, and creativity.

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