Golfer Sights Green in Thirty-Foot Periscope (Nov, 1936)

Golfer Sights Green in Thirty-Foot Periscope
When hazards are mountain-high, a golfer really needs a periscope. There is one hole on the Aberdovey course in North Wales where the green, only 165 yards away, is quite out of sight and it’s not safe to drive until you have peeked in the periscope to learn whether the foursome ahead has putted down and moved out of the way. The periscope is thirty feet high. Sand hills form the natural hazard that obscures the view from the tee.

  1. Erica says: April 8, 200810:31 am

    Just when you thought golf couldn’t get sillier…

  2. Anne says: April 9, 200811:22 am

    I suppose golf could be fun to play. And there is some sort of minor hazard from all the flying balls around. But when it becomes outright dangerous, like this, that’s when you know it’s time to find another course to play at.

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