Graceful Stool…BUILT FROM COAT HANGERS (Sep, 1933)

This is a pretty cool way to make a stool.

By Eric Munsinger

A UNIQUE, light, and handy stool can be made from ordinary wooden coat hangers. As its weight is only a little more than a pound, it makes an ideal playroom or nursery stool for a child.

The only materials needed are: Twenty coat hangers, some plastic wood putty, a 2-ft. length of brass rod 3/16 in. in diameter with nuts and washers, and two contrasting colors of enamel or lacquer (such as light oak and dark mahogany).

Select the coat hangers for quality of wood and symmetry. Remove the hooks and fill the holes with the composition wood. From two of these cut twenty-eight 1-in. pieces and sandpaper them. Glue these in place on eight of the hangers as shown in the drawings at A and B. Cut four hangers as shown at C and glue these onto four others to form the legs. Cross and glue these together in pairs to form the double legs D. Then drill all the holes.

Now enamel four of the type A staves with the lighter of the two colors, and the legs and remaining staves with the darker color. Place all parts next to each other as in the finished stool, and measure the width. Cut two lengths of brass rod 1/2 in. longer than this measurement, and thread the ends.

Assemble all parts, slide the brass rods through the holes, place washers on the ends, and tighten up with small nuts. Mold the plastic wood composition into neat hemispheres about the projecting ends of the rods and color them dark.

  1. […] Make a child’s stool out of coat hangers. It’ll take a bit of effort, but it looks really nice. Plus, you’ll recycle those old hangers instead of sending them to the landfill! [Via Make] […]

  2. NikFromNYC says: January 14, 20083:49 pm

    Thanks for the tip. I’m going to make millions selling this thing as an anti-cellulite cure, in a classified ads to the current dummy readership of Popular Mechanics, and their fat wives, next to the full page ads for fake diamond rings that don’t mentioned the words “Cubic Zirconia.”

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