Grindstone Attached to Bicycle (Mar, 1936)

Grindstone Attached to Bicycle

A man who makes a living grinding scissors, knives, etc., in the vicinity of Moreton, Cheshire, England has fitted his bicycle with a small grinding wheel, in accordance with the illustrations and description here given. For those who would like to go into this business, we outline the details. Two ordinary strips of iron, about 1″ wide and 1/8″ thick, are drilled to accommodate three bolts and a bicycle hub axle. By means of a bolt, the iron strips are fastened together at one end, and the strips spread by hand; a small piece of iron pipe is then dropped down close to the bend, and the strips are again squeezed together, first by hand and later with the vise. This forms a clamp for the bottom of the bicycle frame. The top cross-bar is properly located, and the iron bent around it in a similar way.

The grindstone is now fitted to a bicycle wheel hub (the flange being first cut off); a pully wheel is attached and, except for the drive, the job is complete. The simplest drive is an ordinary wooden baby-buggy wheel, from which the rubber tire and spokes have been removed. This is attached to the spokes of the rear wheel by small brass lugs, as shown. The brass lugs are made in pairs; six pairs will be enough for mounting the wooden wheel. They measure 3/4″ x 1-1/2″ for those that are to be attached to the rim and 3/4″ square for those to be used as clips. These are drilled to take 8-32 bolts in a slip fit; the holes being drilled through one clip and lug at the same time. Two small holes are also drilled in the lug, and the lug is then mortised into the rim and screwed fast to it.

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  1. Iago says: February 17, 20081:41 am

    There is a long tradition of professional street sharpeners where I come from, Galicia, NW Spain.

    Although their traditional equipment was carried on foot…

    examples based on bicycles can still be seen today. This picture was taken in 2006 in Madrid, where this Galician offers his abilities


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