Grip Snip (Aug, 1953)

Man, that woman gets really excited about pliers!

  1. Nick says: December 20, 200510:33 pm

    Those are great pliers. I have a bunch of (Sargent Co.) parallel jaw pliers, including one pair with the wire cutters as shown. Well worth getting a pair off of Ebay. They are still available from jeweler’s supply companies.
    Parallel jaw pliers, as in the advertisement grip anything with a parallel, rather than an angular grip so no more blood blisters from slipping nuts.
    That last bit sounds pretty bad, I know…

    Great site btw.

  2. Mitchell says: July 13, 200812:50 pm

    My Grandpa gave me a pair of the Sargent Pliers w/ the wire cutters. They’ve come in handy many times. There are quite a few things I’ve been able to do with them that I couldn’t do with standard pliers.

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