Gyps Can’t Cheat You… If You Know the These Tricks (Jun, 1933)

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Gyps Can’t Cheat You… If You Know the These Tricks
DISHONEST storekeepers are encouraged to use light weights and short measures by the indifference of their customers, according to Commissioner Joseph P. McKay, of New York City’s Bureau of Weights and Measures. Doctored scales give short weight. Crimped-in berry baskets deceive the eye as to their contents. Gasoline pumps can be manipulated dishonestly. Easy prey to these practices is the careless buyer. Tricks of the gyps are exposed in the photographs on these pages, made especially for Popular Science Monthly with the cooperation of Commissioner McKay. All illustrate cases of fraud discovered by his staff— many crude, a few subtle enough to fool any but the Bureau’s trained experts. One gyp, for example, installed a foot-pedal system worthy of a crooked gambling hall to control the weight registered on his scale. No one can estimate how many hundreds of housewives he cheated.

  1. Caya says: April 30, 20077:57 am

    I guess there’s something to be said for nameless, faceless corporate entities and all-pervasive Government control. The companies are forced to not cheat in this manner under threat of heavy fines, and the employees have no reason for loyalty to their employer, and so have no motivation for cheating you in this way. That’s the idea anyway- it didn’t work in Communism, either-

  2. Kryten007 says: April 30, 200711:49 am

    These measures won’t protect me from Gypsies at all!

  3. Charlie says: April 30, 200711:55 am

    I think the only real defense against Gypsies is to hire Borat to smoke them out.

  4. Stannous says: April 30, 20077:32 pm

    Interesting glimpse into the bigoted language of the past, glad to see that usage (along with ‘to jew’ and ‘to n-word’ as verbs) has faded from common use.
    Less known ones that persist: Philistine (Palestinian) and a good Samaritan (the implication being that they are so evil that finding a ‘good’ one is a surprise).

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