Halloween Habiliments (Nov, 1939)

Halloween Habiliments


UNIQUE Hallowe’en costumes of the type illustrated can be made at small outlay for material. The three-legged twins, for instance, require a special coat and shoes, but old pajamas will provide the trouser legs. The perambulating dog house is constructed from a large cardboard carton and painted green with a red roof. Brown “coveralls” and a dog mask should be worn by the person inside.

Jonah’s whale is made from pasteboard painted black and varnished. It spouts whenever Jonah, who is clothed in flowing white robes, bears down on the hot-water bottle. The crown of an old felt is sewn inside the body of the whale so it will stay properly centered on the wearer’s head.

The over-sized camera is another pasteboard contraption, and various imitation photographic accessories can be carried with it. Cut a hole in the back of the camera for ventilation. A small window blind is the only special item required for Tin-Cup Tommy. An unlimited variety of other costumes can be worked out in the same way.

  1. Stannous says: October 13, 20061:08 pm

    Habiliments? That sent me to the dictionary:
    NOUN: 1a. The special dress or garb associated with an occasion or office. Often used in the plural: “shrouded from head to foot in the habiliments of the grave” (Edgar Allan Poe). b. Clothes.
    2. habiliments Characteristic furnishings or equipment; trappings: surrounded by the habiliments of the television news industry.

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