Hand-Cranked Toothbrush (Oct, 1944)

THAT UP-AND-DOWN MOTION that dentists tell us we should use in brushing our teeth is easily accomplished by the use of a new manually operated rotary toothbrush invented by Denis Borgeat, Montreal, Canada. The shape of the handle allows the user to take a firm grip and vary the pressure of the brush against the teeth. Since the bristles are arranged in a spiral sequence, there is a transverse as well as vertical brushing motion. The construction has been kept simple and open to enable the user to keep the brush clean and free from accumulations of toothpaste.

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  1. MAKE: Blog says: June 27, 20067:55 am

    Hand-cranked toothbrush…

    Seems like a good (re)MAKE – a hand cranked tooth brush from Popular Science 1944 – Link…….

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