Hand Pump Restores Breathing (Jul, 1940)

Hand Pump Restores Breathing
Life-giving air is forced into the lungs of a patient by a hand-powered pump developed by a Swiss doctor, who expects it to be useful in treating soldiers after poison-gas attacks. The plunger pump forces air or oxygen through a tube leading to a mask held over the mouth of the patient.

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  1. Stannous says: October 15, 20069:12 pm

    Cool article about the guy who invented the self-inflating resuscitation (ambu) bag:

    By any standards, Henning Ruben was a remarkable man. During his career he was, at various times, a member of the Danish fencing team, a professional dancer, magician, thought reader, dentist, doctor, and inventor. To these might be added his reputation as a bon viveur and raconteur par excellence. It was, however, for his skill and originality as an inventor that he was best known.

    Curiously, it was a strike by Danish truck drivers in 1954 that led to the next invention. Lorries delivering oxygen were kept off the road and oxygen supplies in Danish hospitals ran very low. Ruben declared that it was this event that led to the development of the self-inflating bag. Ruben went to his bicycle mechanic and got him to weld together four bicycle wheel spokes and then manipulated the spokes into an anaesthesia bag. Ruben described how, with the aid of an attached string, he obtained a globe-shaped frame, which kept the bag expanded. When compression of the bag was released, the spokes regained their curved shape, making the bag self-filling. With his non-rebreathing valve and a valved inlet, the self-inflating bag was born and copied all over the world. In 1964 the self-inflating bag was declared by the American Medical Association to be among the most significant medical advances in anaesthesia of the past 25 years.

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