Hand Typewriter (Apr, 1936)

Hand Typewriter

AN Austrian inventor has made this machine, in which types on his gloved hands take the place of the usual writing mechanism.

  1. rick s. says: August 27, 201011:29 am

    I wonder what his word per minute count was and how well he could align those letters. I can’t imagine anyone using this for anything other than a stunt. Now I’ve seen everything so I suppose I can finally throw my glasses out!


  2. jayessell says: August 27, 201012:43 pm

    “For when cutting out letters from magazines for your ransom note won’t do.”

  3. Tim says: August 27, 20105:05 pm

    Doubles as brass knuckles.
    Do NOT get in to a fight with that guy!
    You’ll find that words CAN hurt you!

  4. Toronto says: August 27, 20105:31 pm

    Was the guy’s name Etaoin Shrdlu?

  5. Repack Rider says: August 28, 20109:02 am

    Add upper case, punctuation and numbers, and you need a couple of dozen fingers.

    That’s like reinventing the wheel as a triangle.

  6. Mike says: August 28, 201011:24 am

    A “Machine”? I think “rings” are a better term.

  7. Don says: August 28, 20105:03 pm

    It makes me think of these three letters:


  8. ReginaPhalange says: August 31, 20101:21 pm

    This Austrian, whoever he is/was, invented a solution to a problem that didn’t exist. This is like that kid (wish I knew his name) who invented hangers that collapse so you can pull your shirt off of them instead of undoing a button and removing them like a civilized human being.

    On a less serious note, the comments that have been posted so far have almost made me LOL.

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